It is #NationalCoffeeDay! Woo! Showering brown beans with praise...

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It is #NationalCoffeeDay! Woo!

Showering brown beans with praise and hashtags is fun an all - but today more than ever it is super important that we also take an honest look at the waste associated with our favorite daily habit.

  • 5 cups a week = 250 cups a year
  • 58 billion paper cups are thrown away every year
  • Disposable cups often times cannot be recycled as they feature a polystyrene lining that makes them waterproof.
  • “Compostable plastic” while it might seem good, is in many ways a joke
  • By the time a disposable cup reaches your hand, it has caused 0.25 lbs of CO2 to be emitted into the atmosphere (same as driving ¼ mile) ’

It’s alarming, we know! But the good news is there is an easy fix. Here it is:

Get a reusable cup, and reuse it again and again. 

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