SoDelicious Exclusive BNTO by Cuppow!

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SoDelicious Exclusive BNTO by Cuppow

We’re super excited to introduce the newest member of the Cuppow family! The new SoDelicious BNTO in yellow (Pantone 1215C) is available now exclusively through SDDF’s ‘Say Yes to What You Love’ 2014 tour.

SoDelicious Exclusive BNTO by Cuppow

When one of our products was spotted by a So Delicious employee at a local coffee shop in Eugene, Oregon, the dairy free food company “fell in love.” With our shared passion for environmental responsibility and good eating, collaboration was inevitable!

SoDelicious Dairy-Free makes it easy to say yes by providing vegan alternatives to milk, yogurt, ice cream, and creamer. SDDF’s products pair perfectly with BNTO making it even easier to take the good stuff on the go!

SoDelicious Exclusive BNTO by Cuppow

You’ll notice that in addition to the new color, the letterpress packaging got an update too! Repeat Press printed the custom die cut BNTO packaging on 100% recycled Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Milkweed. 


These special BNTOs are available exclusively through SoDelicious’s 'Say Yes to  What You Love’ tour all summer long! Keep up with us on Facebook to learn more about when SDDF is coming to you!

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