We connected with Rit Dye on Twitter during the White House’s...

rit dye tie-dye

We connected with Rit Dye on Twitter during the White House’s #NationOfMakers event this summer. After some chatting and brainstorming via email we got to planning a tie-dye party here at Fringe Union to upcycle some of our old duds with the help of Rit’s fantastic products!

Rit is nearly 100 years old and is manufactured in the US (plant is in Indianapolis). It’s definitely a great sustainability option for a host of reasons:

  • Your clothes last longer so you’re disposing of less. Example: you can dye faded jeans dark again or stained white clothes a new color.
  • You can salvage thrift store finds by dyeing them, again reducing waste and the demand for new materials.
  • You can buy plain fabric, sew clothes or curtains or what have you, and dye it yourself, avoiding commercially dyed items.  
  • Rit is family and earth-friendly. Learn more at: ritstudio.com/safety

Big thanks to Rit for helping us pull this together! Check out https://www.ritstudio.com/ to do some hippie magic upcycling of your own!

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