About Me


My name is Celina Dawdy, and I have had the burning passion to do more, be more, speak more for the world since I was a child. Every career decision I have ever made, has been coupled with the thought "you can DO MORE." I have finally combined my knowledge of e-Commerce, my passion for animals, and my insistent need to save the world...and thus, mutts 'n' motivation was born. 

I have considered myself a writer for the last several years - spending several hours a week writing for my online blogs, or third-party blogging websites. During my spare time, you can find me at a local animal shelter volunteering with the dogs or spending time with my own dogs. I am a (self-admitted) crazy dog mom. (The pup in the attached picture is one of my three - meet KIP!)

I feel that it is imperative to use our voices for those who are unable to speak their own stories and who are incapable of sharing their own hardships. Because of that, I am proud to say I have teamed up with a rescue that I am SO supportive of (find more about them HERE) and I am proud to donate a percentage of proceeds every month to their cause.